Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the advertised position. This Privacy Policy is intended to give you an overview of which personal data are processed by JobCloud AG and JobCloud HR Tech GmbH (hereinafter “JobCloud”) as part of the application process. You will also learn what rights you have under data protection and how you can exercise them.

Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

JobCloud AG, Albisriederstrasse 253, 8047 Zurich, Switzerland and JobCloud HR Tech GmbH, Jakov-Lind-Straße 2, Stiege 1, 6. OG, Top 2 A+B, 1020 Vienna, Austria are responsible for processing your personal data.

Which personal data are processed, when and why (purpose)?

We process the applicants’ data only for the purpose and in the context of the application procedure in accordance with the legal requirements. The processing of the applicants’ data takes place in order to fulfil our (pre)contractual obligations in the context of the application procedure, on the basis of the consent given, on the basis of legal obligations or within the framework of our legitimate interests.

Your data will be collected and processed for the following purposes:

  • Application for a job offer in the application tool
  • In the case of an unsolicited application: check whether the profile corresponds to a position in the company
  • Carrying out the application process
  • Conclusion of an employment contract and taking up a job at JobCloud
  • Storing the application in the JobCloud talent pool

Application for a job offer in the application tool

If you apply for a job (directly or through a recruitment agency) at JobCloud, the following personal data and documents will be collected in the JobCloud application tool:

  • Personal identification data, such as last name, first name, date of birth
  • Address and contact information
  • Profile data, such as qualifications, certificates, references
  • Other data, such as photo, resume or the entries and self-assessments made in the online test for trainees

Carrying out the application process

We process this personal data throughout the duration of the application process exclusively for the purpose of facilitating the application process.

In the course of processing and communicating with you via the JobCloud application tool, we also store the application history, the status and evaluation of your application as well as the correspondence, interview notes and records about the information given during the job interviews, your test and examination results.

Insofar as special categories of personal data are provided within the meaning of art. 9 para. 1 GDPR, they shall also be processed in accordance with art. 9 para. 2 lit. b GDPR (e.g. health data, e.g. about the status of severe disability, or ethnic origin). The data are encrypted and transmitted to us via our application tool according to the technical state of the art.

Personnel checks and reviews
For certain positions, we need to review your information (for example, your educational level or professional experience) or carry out pre-employment checks (for example, in relation to previous criminal convictions). The extent of the required controls depends on the position, and the inspection will typically be carried out as late as possible in the recruitment process and in most cases after you have been selected for the job. Reference information will only be obtained with the consent of the applicants.

Personality tests
The aptitude tests will only be carried out with the consent of the applicants. We inform the applicants about the purpose of the analysis. Applicants also receive the test results by email. We have commissioned PI Company BV in the Netherlands to carry out the tests. The platform’s privacy policy can be found at

Employee referral program
The employees of JobCloud can recommend people from their private circle as potential employees. For these purposes, we work with the service provider Firstbird GmbH. The forwarding of applicant data to JobCloud takes place in compliance with data protection and requires the consent of the recommended person.

Active sourcing
For sourcing purposes, JobCloud may conduct research in the professional networks, LinkedIn Recruiter and SeekOut.  In the context of active sourcing, we act on the basis of our legitimate interests in recruitment. Further data processing by the HR department takes place with your consent.

Taking up a job at JobCloud

In the event of a successful application, the data provided will be further processed by us for the purposes of the employment relationship. If you take up a job at JobCloud on the basis of your application, the personal data and your documents referred to above will be extracted from the JobCloud application tool and stored in your electronic personnel file at JobCloud.
The personal data and your documents will then be processed exclusively for the purpose of processing the employment relationship throughout the duration of your employment.

Admission to the JobCloud talent pool

If you have consented to it, your personal data from the application process will be stored and processed in our talent pool in electronic and/or printed form for the purpose of future consideration for further job offers, contact in connection with future job openings or the sending of information about career events or the company.

How long do we keep your data?

In the case of successful applications, your applicant data will be deleted at the same time as the applicant data will be transferred to the personnel file. In the case of a rejection, your data will be deleted or destroyed six months after filling the position, unless you have consented to be admitted in the talent pool. If you agree to be admitted in the talent pool, your data will be stored there for two years. If no position is filled within this time, we will obtain your renewed consent for further storage or delete your data in compliance with data protection regulations.

Underage applicants

If you are a minor when applying for an apprenticeship or for an internship, the data processing of your application requires the consent of your legal representative.

How will the applicant data be passed on and to whom?

In principle, JobCloud does not pass on any personal data, unless we are legally obliged to disclose your data.

During the application process, your data will only be made available to the persons who are involved in the application process. The data are only accessible to the employees of Human Resources and selected executives of JobCloud.

Applicant tool d.Vinci
Our applicant tool is operated on our behalf by d.vinci HR-Systems GmbH, Nagelsweg 37-39, 20097 Hamburg, with which we have concluded a contract for order processing. When visiting this website, d.vinci HR-Systems GmbH stores the calls with your IP address and time stamp. These are then deleted after 90 days. Content and form data are not stored. The purpose of storing log files is to optimise the services and to be able to detect, ward off and track attacks. By storing log files, it is possible to determine where data will flow off in the event of a data attack or where increased accesses (e.g. by a DDoS attack) will come from.

Data transmitted online via the applicant tool are transmitted in encrypted form (SSL encryption) and are therefore protected against unauthorised access. The applicant tracking system d.vinci only uses temporary cookies (session cookies). These are automatically deleted as soon as the user closes the browser (

If you have consented to it, your feedback on the quality of the application process will be evaluated in order to optimise the application process. The feedback is stored separately from the application and has no influence on the selection process. Your feedback will be passed on to our service provider Kununu GmbH and anonymously displayed on our company profile on

JobCloud ensures that the data transmission takes place only in countries that have a data protection level corresponding to that of Switzerland or the EU or only to processors who have data transmission contracts with JobCloud on the basis of the contracts issued and approved by the European Commission, so-called standard contractual clauses (art. 46 para. 2 EU-GDPR) and accordingly guarantee a level of data protection comparable to that of the EU or Switzerland.

How is your personal data protected?

Data protection is important to us: JobCloud has taken the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the privacy of your electronic application. The data transmission is encrypted. Data processing takes into account the general standards for data security according to the current state of the art. All parties involved have also committed themselves to strict confidentiality.

What are your rights in relation to your personal data?

According to the applicable legislation, you have the right to obtain information about the personal data collected as well as to rectification or erasure of the data, and to restriction of processing. You also have the right to object to processing as well as the right to data portability. Furthermore, you have the right to report to the relevant regulatory authority or to file a complaint if you believe that the processing of your personal data does not comply with data protection regulations.

If the processing is based on your consent, you also have the right to revoke the consent at any time, without affecting the legality of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent until revocation.

If you have any questions about data protection, you can contact our data protection officer directly, who is also available for any questions, requests or complaints.

To contact the data protection officer: 

Contact details of the data controller:

JobCloud AG, Albisriederstrasse 253, 8047 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 254 69 00, Email:

JobCloud HR Tech GmbH, Jakov-Lind-Straße 2, Stiege 1, 6. OG, Top 2 A+B, 1020 Vienna, Austria