Our Professional Fields and Teams

IT, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Data… very different professional fields come together at JobCloud. You'll find all the details about our individual teams here.

IT Engineering

At JobCloud, we develop our websites and applications with the latest technologies. In our Geneva, Zurich, Belgrade and Vienna offices, agile teams of back-end and front-end engineers work hand-in-hand with product and cloud engineering teams to design and implement the innovations that enable employers and jobseekers to thrive in today’s digital world.


Our Product Management & UX team works with our CPO to create the highest value where job seekers and employers need it most. They strive to continuously improve the user experience on all of our job and career platforms. They analyze behavior, optimize flows, tinker with innovations, and launch innovations every week to improve the user experience.


Our sales team of over 50 people, working from our Geneva and Zurich offices, is responsible for the distribution of our products, the acquisition of new customers, and caring for our existing customers. Our SME customers are looked after by telephone, while our customers with 50 employees or more are looked after by our field sales. This customer segment is divided into medium (51-500 employees) and large companies (500+ employees), as well as the customer segment staffing agencies.

Sales Backoffice & Sales Operations

The support departments in our sales team also play a vital role. In addition to tasks such as sales assistance, our sales support team also manages advertisement activation, quality control, customer support, sales controlling, and sales operations (including management of the CRM system).


Our marketing team is highly digitized, so analytical skills are very important here. Our marketers are also versatile, working on everything from traffic acquisition to CRM, content, branding, PR and communication. The majority of the team takes care of the demand side (job seekers), but we also work with the supply side (employers). Our marketing team works very closely with other departments in JobCloud.

Digital Recruiting

JobCloud creates new ideas, approaches and concepts every day, which help us to adapt our products even faster to the needs of the market. This is how we created our “Spotted” business unit. The goal of the “Spotted” team is to identify the right candidate for the right job. The team is made up of young, motivated and talented people pursuing ambitious goals every day and using agile methods and cutting-edge technologies to bring the right things together.

Finance & Data Intelligence

Numbers, data, facts! Our finance and data teams are analytical. Among other things, they help JobCloud to make payments, process and maintain large amounts of data, and ensure insightful data visualization using BI tools.

HR & CEO Office

Of course, nothing works without our Human Resources department. They not only ensure that we have the right people in the right place at the right time, but also perform many other key tasks. In addition to our Human Resources department, the CEO Office team is one of the internal support organizations.


JobCloud trains apprentices in the following three apprenticeships: 

  • Mediamatics EFZ
  • Specialist in customer dialogue EFZ
  • Application developer EFZ

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