Why JobCloud?

Get to know our mission and culture at JobCloud.

Our vision

We are the heart of the Swiss job market

In a buttom-up process, JobCloud’s mission statement was sharpened and defined during months. All employees who had the desire and muse were involved in the process.

The vision, broken down into a statement, describes where a company is heading.

employee of jobcloud loves what he does

Our purpose

Love what you do – we make employment happen

The purpose says for what purpose the company exists – the reason why employees are committed to the company every day.

JobClouds culture - defined in a bottom up process

Our culture

ONE TEAM: Trust instead of control, honest dialogue instead of non-transparent communication, solution orientation instead of finger-pointing.

PASSION: Have courage, be active, do question things, have willingness to learn continuously.

CUSTOMER CENTRICITY: Understand the situation of the different stakeholders, see feedback as an opportunity, be able to offer excellent solutions, feel responsible.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Perceiving differences, accepting them and thus making better decisions, standing up for oneself and others.

PERFORMANCE: Test and learn, make activities measurable, make decisions based on data, striving for a 360-degree view.

Inside JobCloud

Employee benefits

It matters to us that we reward our employees.
Here are some benefits we offer.

  • Good food at work

    Fresh and healthy foods is waiting for you. Our fridge is filled daily with different dishes from the region. Come and get them at a reduced price.

  • Sport

    JobCloud offers many team sports opportunities – currently weekly bootcamp classes are a big hit with our staff!

  • Massages

    We offer our staff the opportunity to get massages for optimal well-being.

  • Fruits

    A fruit basket is available on each office floor with seasonal fruit at employees’ disposal.

  • Half-fare travel card

    Free for our all our employees!

  • Vocational training

    We cover 50% of the costs of job-relevant vocational training.

  • Occupational pension plans

    JobCloud covers 60% of occupational pensions (10% more than the 50% prescribed by law).

  • Private insurance

    All employees are privately insured in case of accidents. In case of illness or accidents, we cover 100% of the employee’s salary for a duration of three months.

  • Unpaid leave

    Sometimes you just need more than 5 weeks of vacation… at JobCloud this can be arranged.

  • Home office

    Working from home is possible, depending on an employee’s position and function.

  • Parties

    There is always a reason to celebrate! Summer party, a barbecue, the yearly Christmas party, the list goes on.

  • Gifts

    On special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, JobCloud likes to mark the occasion with a special gift.

  • Concert tickets

    Opportunities for discounted tickets arise regularly.

What our team members say

  • I appreciate the great autonomy and trust that JobCloud has in me. It’s also great to have direct contact with employees at every level of the company.
    Stéphane Richard
    , Sales
  • JobCloud differentiates itself through its friendly corporate culture! We have a great working environment and strong mutual respect.
    Marco D’Oliva
    , Sales Backoffice & Sales Operations
  • I appreciate the opportunity to sell a powerful product that improves our customers' day-to-day lives. I also love the autonomy I have in my daily work, as well as the opportunity to work from home and have a more flexible schedule.
    Marie Kirner
    , Sales
  • I was warmly welcomed to the JobCloud family and felt very comfortable from day one. In addition to a great working atmosphere and colleagues, the company offers a lot of benefits. Work is fun!
    Celeste Scheidegger
    , Sales
  • At JobCloud we have the opportunity to contribute to the success of the company. We receive a good salary and can continuously develop our skills. And all this in a very warm working environment!
    Raphael Sabatier
    , Marketing
  • Here at JobCloud we not only work, we also have fun doing it. The open and warm corporate culture that we cultivate here is an important part of our DNA.
    Fatih Sevgili
    , Finance & Data
  • The variety of my role makes everyday life exciting and challenging! I also appreciate the open corporate culture, flat hierarchy, and cohesion between employees. In these circumstances, people enjoy going to work!
    Jasmin Wäspi
    , Sales
  • I like the contact with customers and being able to offer so much value. When a customer contacts me about a problem and I can help them, I hear their smile on the phone - it's very motivating. I work in several areas and no two days are the same.
    Emma Desclides
    , Sales Operations
  • “As the company has grown, JobCloud has retained the spirit of a start-up. Every team member cares about our products and contributes to their success. If a challenge comess up, we help each other and look for the best solution together.”
    Roger Freuler
    , Ops
  • Developing and implementing future-oriented projects with highly efficient and intelligent colleagues shows me that I am with the right employer.
    Carsten Callies
    , Marketing

JobCloud is a great employer

JobCloud has won several awards and is consistently recognized as one of the best employers in Switzerland.

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